Prof.Qingfeng Li

Chairman of the Conference

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of The 19th Shanghai International Conference on Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery and the 9th Forum on Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery in Shanghai from March 20-22,2020, it’s my pleasure to invite you to join the meeting.

The Conference will be sponsered by Zhang Di-Sheng’s (Ti-sheng Chang)Plastic Surgery Development Foundation and co-organized by Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital and will be held in the Shanghai International Convention Center. The Conference will focus on the newly development of craniofacial surgery, hand and foot surgery, oculoplastic surgery, rhinoplasty, ear reconstruction, wound repair, minimal invasive surgery, Liposuction and lipo-transfer, mammoplasty surgery , facial paralysis repair, vascular anomalies, lymphedema, hair restoration and hair Care, and laser techniques,and others.

The Conference was initiated by Prof. Ti-Sheng Chang, past academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It has been held annually for consecutive 19 years. Ti-Sheng Chang was the founder and pioneer of China’s plastic and reconstructive surgery and had made great achievements to broad spectrum of medical fields in his whole life. The Conference is the most authoritative and the biggest event in plastic surgery field in China and attracts over 2000 plastic surgeons to attend every year. Looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai.

With kindest regards,

Prof.Qingfeng Li
Chairman of the Conference
Chief,Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,Ninth People’s Hospital,
Shanghai Jiao-tong University School of Medicine

  • Qingfeng Li

Honorary Chairman
  • Wei Wang

  • Yuguang Zhang

  • Yixin Zhang

  • Danru Wang

  • Jun Yang

  • Shengli Li

  • Xiaoxi Lin

  • Ruhong Zhang

  • Xusong Luo

  • Tao Zan



Reconstructive Surgery-Scars/FacialParalysis

Wei Liu Yixin Zhang Xiaoli Wu Wei Wang Tao Zan

Craniofacial Surgery/Ear Reconstruction/Cleft Lip and Palate

Min Wei Ruhong Zhang Jian Wang

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery-Rejuvenation an Anti-aging/Aesthetic Plastic Surgery-Hair Transplantation/Electrooptical Treatment

Yuguang Zhang Danru Wang Qing Liu Min Yao Jiying Dong

Liposuction and Fat Crafting/Mammoplasty

Weigang Cao Jiasheng  Dong Li Yu

Hand Surgery and Foot Wound Management

Bin Wang Lian Zhu


Jun Yang Xusong Luo


Shengli LiChuanchang Dai(Secretary:Jiao Wei)

Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation

Xiaoxi Lin Wei Li Yunbo Jin


Yang Liu Kaixiang Cheng


Weiwei Bian Ping Chen

9th Hospital Fellow Symposium

Qingfeng Li  Rong Jin(Secretary:Jiping Bai)

Establishment and Management of PRS Department or Clinic

Yuguang Zhang Qingfeng Li

Case Show

Hua Xu Tao Wang

Stem Cell

Kai LiuQingfeng Li

Lymphedema Surgical Tratment

Chaohua JiangShengli Li


Dong Han

Intelligent Medical Beauty

Gang Chai

Cross-Strait Porum in PRS

Jun Yang Chengren ZhangExecutive ChairmanChaohua Jiang Hanqun Fang



President of the General Assembly
Li Qingfeng

Honorary President of the General Assembly
Wang Wei

Vice-President of the General Assembly

Zhang Yuguang, zhang Yixin ,Wang Danru, Yang Jun,Li Shengli ,Lin Xiaoxi, Zhang Ruhong
Executive Chairman of the General Assembly

Li Shengli Yang Jun
Secretary-General of the General Assembly

Luo Xusong Tao